About KYC and making it easier for the government to confiscate people’s money

The entire alphabet soup of government policies, KYC, AML, CTF, FATCA, and CRS, just to name a few, which attempt to figure out where you store your money, are accompanied by a manipulative and deceptive narrative in which the government pretends that they are making society safer or are reducing crime in one way or another by doing that.

The real goal, however, is invariably to make it easier to confiscate your money, especially when you are not a criminal, but rather some kind of easy target, i.e. yet another sitting duck.

Why is it so dangerous to make it easier for the government to confiscate your money?


If the government can confiscate your money at the simple press of a button, the mere threat that they will do so, will keep you in line. It does not make society safer. It just makes society more compliant to the whim of the corrupt powers that be. It is all about the corrupt ruling elite wanting more power for themselves to the detriment of everyone else. They just want more sitting ducks.

What about the law? Well, in occupied Europe, it was the law of the land that everyone had to denounce the Jews to Gestapo. In article 8 of the Charter of the Nuremberg tribunal, the very same governments that today insist that the *hoi poloi* should keep the laws that they so liberally invents, admitted that these laws are not the highest authority:

>Article 8. The fact that the Defendant acted pursuant to order of his Government or of a superior shall not free him from responsibility, but may be considered in mitigation of punishment if the Tribunal determines that justice so requires.

Note that the regime of these Defendants came to power as the result of democratic elections. So, do not even try to justify laws from their so-called democratic origin. Democracies produce by far the most deceptive narrative of all times and will inevitably degenerate into much worse than any rotten regime that history has witnessed up till now.

We need sites such as []( as a tool to prevent easy confiscatability.

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