Actually Useful Analysis – Onchain Data

Actually Useful Analysis – Onchain Data

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  1. **Strong edit – this video is NOT about chart analysis. He just uses charts for the first few mins before moving on**

    So sometimes this sub has a major lack of quality information. Lot of folks love to talk about **fundamentals** and there is nothing more fundamental than Onchain data to show what user groups are doing.

    I could post my own stuff but I’m lazy. What I can recommend is anybody who genuinely wants to see the underlying state of the market – they should watch this dudes videos.

    Explained in a level headed fashion and without number go ⬆️ hyperbole like PlanB etc.

    If the Moderators are cool with it I think we need more posts like this. Onchain data is fundamental to the market and judging from what’s in the General Daily comments it seems like some folks need a longer term view. Or any view frankly which would expand their knowledge of what’s really happening under the surface.

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