Ada community needs your help

There’s a scam daedalus wallet in playstore and we need to shut it down.

In r/cardano we already voted and brought the stars to one. But google just didn’t care at all, so I just figured we need more man power

Please report [this app](

It doesn’t seem like a scam, but if you look at the email of the developer you will know it is, and of course we know there’s no daedalus wallet for mobile.

Please help, doesn’t matter if you don’t hold or dislike ada, here’s real people losing real money and it could happen to anyone here

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  1. The same kept happening with a fake MyMonero app on the Playstore. It came back several times even after getting it removed, so be prepared to play this game for a long time.

    The only way to stop is, to publish a proper daedalus wallet (which is what the developers of MyMonero did).

    Anyway, I reported it as well.

  2. Read a post today of a guy losing 34k ADA.

    We need to all put our differences aside for stuff like this.

    Anyone with legal experience know if google has any liability at all in this?

  3. Although it is still important to leave a negative review if you want to really help contact google directly.

    Yes this will take a few more minutes but it will do a lot more, most people don’t bother to do this, it will come across a lot more legitimate and finally it will bring attention to a different team of the Google play. This is important because a lot of times mass 1 star reviewing just gets flagged by the system

  4. I left a report. Google needs to pull their head out of their arse and sort shit like this out. People’s financial well-being is not the sort of thing it’s ok to be negligent about.

  5. I’ve downloaded Daedalus for desktop, so that’s legit right? Somebody posted yesterday about staking so I’ve been waiting for ADA to drop a little to buy some.



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