Agenda Now Available – OMFIF DMI Symposium

The inaugural DMI Symposium happens in 2 weeks with a long list of speakers representing **BIG MONEY**.

The site appears to have been updated. More names added with new information. Toward the bottom portion of the page you’ll find the topics, and you can expand them for more details.

Link to the full agenda:

I’m excited to see this happen and expect to enjoy the positive results. Full disclosure: I’m rooting for Algorand to lock in some big partnerships and opportunities. Besides China‘s Cypherion blockchain, Algorand seems to be the only other coin with a presence at this event, with Steve Kokinos, Algorand CEO, participating as a speaker. The future is bright for crypto, in general.

Edit: may just be bad timing for the post (it was buried immediately) but ZERO interest in it is crazy to me while DOGE pump n dump continues to be discussed repeatedly. Sigh…

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