Akon angry he sold Bitcoin gifted to him in 2014


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  • Akon not happy after selling Bitcoin gifted to him in 2014
  • Akoin smart city

American music superstar, Akon born of Senegalese descent, has expressed sadness after he sold Bitcoin gifted to him back in 2014. He said this during an exclusive interview with news blog cryptopotato.

The singer revealed he got exposed to crypto back in 2014 when he received a certain amount of Bitcoin as a gift but did not fully understand them, which made him sell the coins. However, with Bitcoin’s recent price surge, Akon said he wished he had held on to the coin since 2014. “man, do I wish I would have held on to it, he said.

Nevertheless, Akon acknowledges the power of crypto and blockchain. He notes that this is only possible after surrounding himself with like minds.

He said as he sees the Bitcoin price surge, it continues to prove him right of what he thought about the currency in the first place. He notes that it is about people’s beliefs and where they intend to keep their assets. He said whatever currency an individual believes in if enough people believe in the same, the currency’s value would no doubt spike.

Akon Smart City

Regarding the Akoin smart city project currently being developed in Senegal, the singer said there was a backlash from skeptics, but it never bothered him. He said, “a tiger doesn’t lose sleep over the opinion of a sheep.”

The music star further expressed belief in the value locals would benefit from the project in the future. He notes that the value for locals drives him and his team towards completing the project, which would be ready in few years.

Co-Founder Karas and Liss outlined that once people comprehended Akon City‘s vision and spirit, they were “generally inspired” and supportive. The two co-founders thanked the crypto community for supporting the project, especially for the Akoin digital currency, which would be used across the city after its completion.

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