Akon Hails Africa as a ‘Cryptocurrency Frontier’

Akon Hails Africa as a ‘Cryptocurrency Frontier’

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  1. > Akon admits that he has a financial interest in writing this article since he is developing two futuristic cities in Africa that will operate on his Akoin cryptocurrency.

  2. It always shocks me how Africa is talked about like a country and not a continent. I will never understand. (No political motive behind this but it truly just makes me wonder why)

  3. tldr; Singer Akon believes that Africa is a “crypto frontier” because it has the youngest population of any other continent. South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria are among the world leaders in peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading. He thinks that Africa’s youth will be bypassed by other countries because it isn’t fully connected to the global financial system.

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  4. Huge potential for microtransactions to take off in Africa. A lot of people already uses cell network money/data this way. Just cut the middle man. Let’s peer to peer baby!

  5. Two of my favorite projects. Akoin and Cardano, working wonders by starting in developing countries which embrace innovation rather than regulate it into irrelevance.

  6. This is definitely the truth, Africa has huge opportunities to unearth the hidden potentials of the blockchain technology especially DeFi as it’s region is greatly marginalized by her leaders. With producs that fixes it’s peg to the SDR, it further gives financial stability to the African folks even as they engage in DeFi activities.

  7. This guy seems pretty wholesome, I remember hearing his music as a kid, nice to see someone giving back, even if he does make profit from it, at least he seems to be helping people too.

  8. This may mark the first time in the past several centuries where Africa being a testing ground for, both euphemistically and practically, economic practices results in a net loss in corruption.



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