Algorand Foundation Backs Vesta Equity’s Innovative Home Equity Solution

June 23rd, 2021 – Vesta Equity Inc, an innovator in the financial and real estate space, with support from the Algorand Foundation Grant Program, is announcing their blockchain enabled platform that will allow homeowners to release the value in their home by tokenizing their asset and selling these NFTs in an open peer-to-peer marketplace to investors.

Vesta Equity unlocks value and disrupts the institutionalized home equity finance model by eliminating debt for equity appreciation. Their goal is a 100% frictionless process in which the century-old-complexities of home equity finance are completely unbundled and eliminated. Thereby democratizing wealth creation and building prosperity.

Vesta Equity chose Algorand because it is purpose built as a fully decentralized, scalable and secure blockchain that surpasses all other platforms in the DeFi space thanks to their novel proof-of-stake foundation and their focus on enabling the transition from traditional finance models to the distributed future. When vetting foundational platforms the company found Algorand to be light years ahead of any other Layer-1. Their ASA and smart contract infrastructure enabled the Vesta team to modernize the home equity finance market with ease.

“We welcome this additional support from Algorand Foundation and it adds to the depth and scope of what we have received and continue to receive from Algorand Inc.” said Michael Carpentier, CEO of Vesta Equity Inc. “Partnerships are key in building out scalable businesses and Algorand is helping us build the future of home equity financing with global scale”.

“We are excited to support Vesta Equity’s exciting Home Equity solution” said Sean Lee, CEO Algorand Foundation “Vesta have been able to take advantage of Algorand’s ASA standard which allows for the fast and efficient creation and usage of digital assets”.

For more information on Vesta Equity and their home equity financing solution, please visit For more information on the Algorand Foundation and its exciting AlgoGrant program, please visit

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  1. Man, ALGO just gives me warm fuzzy feeling from top to bottom. Looking in my wallet and seeing that they give me a few cents worth of MORE ALGORAND doesn’t hurt at all.

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