Ali Wong’s Divorce Drama: Husband Agrees to Terms Amid Amicable Split

Ali Wong’s Husband Agrees To Joint Custody Of Their Kids Amid Divorce

Comedian and actress Ali Wong’s divorce saga takes a new turn as her husband, Justin Hakuta, responds to the divorce filing. The celebrity couple, who announced their separation in 2022, seems to be navigating the legalities of their split with surprising agreement. From joint custody terms to a “Single Lady” comedy tour, Ali Wong’s divorce unfolds with unexpected twists.


Comedian and actress Ali Wong‘s husband, Justin Hakuta, has filed his response in their divorce

 Amicable Divorce Terms: Justin Hakuta’s response to the divorce filing suggests that the couple is opting for an amicable separation. According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Hakuta is aligned with Ali Wong on various divorce terms and conditions. The couple is reported to be working together on decisions regarding their two daughters, Mari, 8, and Nikki, 6.

Joint Custody Agreement: Both Ali Wong and Justin Hakuta express the desire for joint custody of their children. The court documents reveal that the couple is committed to engaging in mediation to resolve matters related to spousal support and separate and community property. This indicates a private and collaborative approach to handling the intricacies of their divorce.

Prenup in Play: The legal documents also reference a prenuptial agreement between Ali Wong and Justin Hakuta. The court is expected to validate the premarital agreement executed on November 24, 2014, and the First Amendment to the Premarital Agreement executed on February 10, 2021. The existence of a prenup underscores the couple’s foresight in addressing specific issues related to their separation.

 Ali Wong’s ‘Unconventional’ Divorce: In a candid interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Ali Wong referred to her divorce as “unconventional.” She emphasized the close friendship she shares with Hakuta, labeling them as “best friends” who have been through a lot together. The actress even discussed plans for Hakuta to join her on a comedy tour post-divorce, showcasing a unique and unconventional approach to their split.

Public and Personal Reactions: Ali Wong shared her surprise at the widespread attention her divorce announcement received. She recounted her mother’s emotional reaction, highlighting the challenges of dealing with societal expectations and fears of shame. Wong humorously reflected on her mother’s relief when the news made it to Chinese and Vietnamese newspapers, sparing her the need to inform friends personally.

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