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After a healthy correction, Bitcoin price started a fresh increase above $49,000. Following the flagship currency, major altcoins are also gaining pace. Shiba Inu Price is the highest gainer with more than 50% surge. While Ethereum and Cardano price is still in a consolidation phase.

Popular crypto analyst and trader Micheal Van De Poppe in a new YouTube Video, chalks out rallies for Chainlink and Tezos. He also plans his bottom objectives for Cardano and Vechain. 


The analyst says that decentralized oracle network Chainlink (LINK) is mimicking its market behavior since late last year when the coin corrected before exploding to an all-time high above $50.

He says, LINK is looking for support around the $22, $20 area, and the token is ready to go there, making a higher low, continuation, another retest, and then it will start moving forward.

According to Van de Poppe, Chainlink could reach $48, representing a potential gain of more than 77 percent over its current price of $27.


Tezos, a smart contract platform, is another coin that traders are interested in. Tezos (XTZ/BTC) appears to be bullish against Bitcoin (XTZ/BTC), and is on track to meet his target of 0.0002 BTC, or $9.57.

XTZ might be ready for 0.0002 BTC.”


In the case of Cardano price, Poppe predicts that the Ethereum rival will make a bottom at 0.000046 BTC ($2.20) before resuming its bull trend and rebounding to its target of 0.000065 BTC ($3.11).


Poppe feels that supply chain management platform VeChain (VET) has already reached a bottom at $0.90.

“VET is most likely bottomed.”

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