Altcoins Which are Currently Passive but May Regain the Bullish Momentum Very Soon!

Altcoins Which are Currently Passive but May Regain the Bullish Momentum Very Soon!

Shiba INU (SHIB) 

Shiba INU price continues to extend the descending triangle, refusing to go lower and also failing to break through the upper resistance either. And hence may be trying to attract more buying volume before it flies highs beyond reach. Moreover, the price is testing one of the crucial zones and hence a breakout from here may lead the price to jump by more than 25%.

The SHIB price currently is attempting to maintain a safe distance from the lower support, showcasing its tendency to break through the consolidation. The price may either undergo a drastic upswing breaking the triangle during the weekend, else extend the triangle further. A breakout may lead the price to hover close to $0.00003. On the other hand, the consolidation may compel the price to continue hovering below $0.00002500. 


Chainlink after a significant descending swing appears to have found itself stuck up around the bottoms again. The asset somehow managed to rebound from these levels previously but currently, the consolidation underwent for a longer time than expected. And hence a day’s close above $15 may point out the asset being poised for an uptrend. 

The LINK price since the beginning of the yearly trade is swinging within a descending triangle, maintaining the lower support strongly. Interestingly, the asset is consolidating just above the support zone, hence a breakout may be possible. However, the price may eventually range just above $17 following a breakout and eventually drop back towards the lower support. A strong breakout may only be possible once the asset reaches the apex of consolidation. 

Near Protocol (NEAR)

Near Protocol on the contrary is showcasing a huge possibility of smashing new highs in the upcoming weeks. The asset ranged notably high forming the pole and consolidated further forming the flag. And hence the formation of a bullish flag may point to a huge upswing incoming.

The price as mentioned has formed a significant bullish flag which may ignite a strong uptrend beyond the current ATH. The upswing could materialize a spike towards $24, gaining more than 40% in its value at the earliest. The previous breakout from the bullish flag resulted in a 40% spike and hence a similar upswing may be expected any time from now. 

Apecoin (APE)

Apecoin after a bombastic spike is just calming down and relaxing a bit, probably allowing more people to enter. Currently, the APE price is around the same levels it was hovering before the spike, a coule of days before. No doubt the asset attempted to flip back strongly, but eventually ended up in squeezing the profits to a large extent. 

The APE coin after its monstrous inception into space began accumulating hard within narrow regions. The price tried to break the consolidation but eventually ended up displaying a fakeout. Currently, the price is attempting to flip from before hitting the local support, but eventually surpassing the local resistance at $15 may certify the uptrend. However, to lay down a strong uptrend, the price needs to hit a minimum level of $18. 

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