Am I getting scammed?

24-Year-Old Stefan Qin Pleads Guilty to Crypto Scam

a girl I matched with on tinder keeps talking to me about WHD (World Health Data), and she says she bought in when it was 0.4 USD, and now its 1.2 USD.

I couldn’t find anything about it other than the website she sent me to register in [](

she says “Because WHD is a new currency, it is currently in the private placement stage” which is why you can only buy it on this website, the website looks legit, but I am very suspicious. any ideas?


Edit: I didn’t even register, I just never followed crypto, and I wasn’t planning to buy anyways, I just know there is a lot of scamming going around, but I just thought its mind-blowing if they are actually scamming through tinder, so i thought i’d check. Thanks everyone for the answers.

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