[AMA] I’m Alex, co-founder at LocalMonero and AgoraDesk, we run some of the biggest Monero and Bitcoin P2P trading platforms on the market. AMA!

Hi /r/cryptocurrency, it’s a pleasure to be doing this AMA!

We run two platforms:

1. [LocalMonero](, the biggest, most trusted and well-established P2P Monero trading platform in the XMR community. We’ve launched it way back in August of 2017.
2. [AgoraDesk](, launched in October of 2019, our extension of the platform to include Bitcoin alongside Monero to be available for P2P trading on our simplicity-, privacy- and security-focused service.

I’d love to talk about privacy, the crypto market and the crypto community, and just random stuff. AMA!

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This AMA will start at 19:15 UTC and end at 22:15 UTC (7:15PM EDT)

EDIT: Thank you everyone for the great questions! And thank you to /r/CryptoCurrency for hosting this! I wish everyone a very pleasant evening!

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  1. Allow me firstly to say, you (and the team operating @ LocalMonero) are fucking legends.

    By creating and maintaining this platform you’ve successfully bridged innumerable users to access crypto and thus furthered adoption so very much.

    My humongous thank you to you and the team.

    With that said, here’s my question, what sort of regulatory “heat” has been placed on you because of this platform?

  2. Hi Alex. First off, thanks for doing the AMA!

    My question is what your thoughts are on government’s and large bodies trying to break the monero privacy system?

    With stories of the IRS offer large sums of money to anyone able to break the privacy system of monero and lightning network transactions, do this think this will have a positive or negative impact on privacy chains in general? [link](

  3. How do you feel about certain sellers requiring kyc information? If all sellers require this, then p2p sites are no different than purchasing from major exchanges (at much better rates as well).

    Do you feel as if localmonero will be hit with regulations to mandate kyc such as paxful and localbitcoins?

  4. How real is the risk of a Monero prohibition by governments because of its anonymity? Is that a real fear? Could governments order you to shut down your services and forbid Monero from buying and selling? Do your users face any risk when swapping Monero for Bitcoin because they receive taunted Bitcoins?

    Thanks in advance 🙂 I think you are providing awesome service and would be great to know your point of view on the matter since a lot of people stay away from Monero because they think they could face some kind of legal problem, now or in the future. I was a lawyer and I think that could never happen, at least in Europe, because of privacy laws and decentralization, but know what insiders think about the issue and how real it is could help a lot to increase Monero adoption. Monero is so great but a lot of people is afraid of using and buying it. Is any of that fear, real?

  5. What stops you from revealing information about certain transactions and customer data if you are pressured by a governmental security unit like CIA for example and what do you do to avoid such pressure?

  6. With the cash by mail option I have a couple of questions:

    What happens if they don’t send the cash? What about if the mail gets lost? Can you walk through how it works?

    Unrelated questions:

    Any book recommendations?

    Do you think Satoshi and Nicolas van Saberhagen are the same person?

  7. Hey.
    Would you consider Monero an investment vehicle, or is it more of a utility, i.e. use it only when you need some privacy?
    Also, is it possible to make a Monero-based marketplace outside of Dark Net? Are there any examples?

  8. What are your thoughts on RandomX? In your opinion, has it been successful in stopping ASICs? Has it increased decentralization?

    Thanks for doing this and appreciate your contributions!

  9. Thanks for doing this AMA, Alex! I hadn’t heard of AgoraDesk before but am always interested in finding new P2P exchanges.

    What sets AgoraDesk apart from other P2P exchanges like Bisq, for example?

  10. Hello Alex, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions, do you think Monero will be affected by any US regulation against the anonymity that Monero has? And how you will adapt to it?

  11. Where do you think the future of cryptocurrencies is headed in the next 5 years? Which coins do you see actually being used and will stay around for the long term?

  12. Hi, Alex! Thanks for doing this.

    Have you noticed the recent attacks on Monero affect the sell volume at all? Granted the whole market is currently in an inflated state, do you think that there will be any lasting effects on Monero in the future once all is said and done?

  13. Where or what is the most pressing use-case for privacy coins at this point in time in the world? I admit I don’t know much about them just yet, but could foresee a lot of different important applications. What area do you see, I suppose right now or in the next few years, as needing this technology the most? Some examples I am thinking beyond general banking and finance are the areas of healthcare, education, and civic institutions like voting. What’s on your mind? And thanks for doing this

  14. Hi Alex.

    As it happens I was looking at the site a few days ago.

    It appeared to me that a lot of transfers still seemed to be Person to Person (Cash for Monero) and that kind of baffles me.

    It seems odd to be meeting someone face to face to hand over cash, or to be receiving cash, in exchange for Monero. Can you ELI5 why people would choose to do that?

    Edit: the reason why I’m interested is it would feel.. intrinsically.. shady. Maybe it shouldn’t feel that way. But it strikes me that I would feel a little dodgy meeting someone to hand over cash for some computer coins.

    P.S. I’m not knocking anything, I’m curious and I don’t discount doing the same thing myself.



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