American social media founder and investor tortured for hours in his home until he gave up his wallet password and devices

American social media founder and investor tortured for hours in his home until he gave up his wallet password and devices

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  1. DeepL translation:

    The agents of the Judicial Police of the National Police Headquarters in Madrid (Spain) have been investigating since early Tuesday afternoon the robbery and attempted kidnapping perpetrated against Zaryn Dentzel, first president of the social network Tuenti. The creator of this platform has reported having been the victim of an organized gang that would have entered his apartment and, after tying and gagging him, stole his laptops, his cell phone and his tablet.

    The victim has told investigators that after extorting him for several hours, the assailants also managed to get the password of an account in which, as he claims, he had saved several tens of millions of euros in bitcoin.

    The events, as EL ESPAÑOL has been able to learn exclusively from judicial and police sources, took place in Ruiz de Alarcón, a central street in the capital. Dentzel, who had been living in Spain for some time, was the owner of the house where the kidnapping took place.

    The kidnapping took place around three o’clock in the afternoon. Around that time, according to what Dentzel told the agents, the businessman was in the apartment with a friend and a maintenance worker.

    Shortly thereafter, according to the same sources as the Tuenti founder, the doorbell rang. When he opened the door, a group of four or five people appeared. They were all hooded.

    It was then that they burst into the house. After covering the security cameras that Dentzel had in the house, they tied him up, gagged him and sprayed him, according to the complainant’s account, with a spray in his eyes.

    Extortion and threats
    During the following four hours, the perpetrators of the kidnapping allegedly repeatedly beat the owner of the house, uttering all kinds of threats until they obtained from him what they needed. They made several cuts on his chest and gave him electric shocks with a taser gun. Hours later, upon arriving at the apartment, the agents found that he had indeed suffered wounds inflicted with a stabbing weapon.

    So, until the victim confessed the password of his bitcoin account in which he has assured to keep a fortune. Apparently, as he confessed to the agents of the Judicial Police Brigade who went to the scene, he had several million euros in this virtual currency.

    After getting what they were looking for, the gang members took the laptops, the phones, Dentzel’s tablet and also a pen drive. The owner of the house stated that the perpetrators would later go down to the street, without being able to determine the value of the stolen items.

    The first to alert the National Police was a neighbor who heard cries for help coming from inside the property. Other inhabitants of the same block observed, as they told the agents, a group of masked people coming down to the street, carrying several bags.

    The first hypothesis of the investigators is that, according to the accent of the kidnappers, appreciated by the victims, it could be a gang of Eastern European criminals.

    At the moment the Scientific Police is in the house analyzing the crime scene and collecting all kinds of evidence where the events took place. The Judicial Police Brigade has also appeared in the apartment and is taking a statement from the founder of the social network.

    Zaryn was born in 1983 in Santa Barbara, California. In 1998, Zaryn landed in Spain on a study exchange. In 2006 he created Tuenti and became famous and a millionaire in Spain thanks to this successful and popular social network. After selling the platform to Telefónica and after Tuenti closed in 2016, Dentzel has remained tied to Spain.

    Here, according to Mercados magazine, he has expanded his fortune through VTC licenses.

    Translated with (free version)

  2. If you’re a high net worth individual you need to have excellent op sec and personal protection

    Even for regular folk accumulating and hodling bitcoin it might be worth setting up two hardware wallets. One as a decoy with enough Bitcoin to appear as your real stash, and then a second wallet that’s setup with a 25th word and has the majority of your Bitcoin. Maybe a 20/80 split?

    Don’t presume that you don’t need to do this. When shit hits the fan during hyperinflation people will get desperate and crazy shit you wouldn’t have expected will happen. Trust no one

  3. Caution advised regarding the news, details such as how the robbers knew he had BTC is not told.

    Another source periodistadigital claims that Zeryn (the founder) told the police, the perpetrators had no idea of the value that was stolen, which is quite suspicious after 4 hours of torture.

  4. Just sort your security out. If they’re willing to torture they’re probably willing to kill so a decoy probably won’t help much.

    I have multiple home security systems for security and some Plan C contingencies too.

  5. Good ol’ $5 wrench attack. If you’re a high profile individual you need to take precautions against this. The very first mistake is these people were able to show up to his door undetected, then he was unable to identify them without exposing himself and finally was unable to defend himself against the threat.

    If you’re worth over.. $10M? this shouldn’t happen.

  6. There are advanced security solutions for holding large amounts money in bitcoin safely But the best tip I have to peoples is have more then one wallet and keep your mouth shut.

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