An awesome Bitcoin song created by @tip_nz

An awesome Bitcoin song created by @tip_nz<a title="" class="aalmanual" href="">Bitcoin</a>/comments/pq3cv9/an_awesome_bitcoin_song_created_by_tip_nz/

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    Down the rabbit hole of magic internet money

    You cross into a virtual world of unlimited possibility

    Scaling in layers to grow the network exponentially

    Unlocking micro value P2P streaming globally

    Open source full transparency

    Run a node
    Enforce the code
    Secure your own key and privacy

    Simple protocol
    Built just to keep time

    The whole world knows what’s yours is yours and what’s mine is mine

    Understand it fundamentally: you’re now enforcing scarcity

    21M captures vast demand for its utility

    The science behind NGU and savings technology

    Without middleman corrupting price signals for our certainty

    Stars aligned to mass adopt enhanced survivability

    No point of failure leader compromising its validity

    From coders to miners all dispersed universally

    United by the flywheel that keeps spinning for eternity

    Stateless money takes away power from unjust tyranny

    No longer can oppress people by debasing their currency

    End the reign of overreaching monetary policy

    Each decade causing crises taking lives from countries globally

    Road to serfdom paved by sweat with little to show

    So we rally for our freedom to long last overthrow

    A broken social contract that led few to discriminate

    In its place, we evolve how our species coordinate

    We mathematically transmute energy to digital gold

    Thermodynamically bridge physical with digital world

    Traversing value through space-time with mass energy

    Kardeshev scaling civilization beyond our galaxy

    Down the rabbit hole of magic internet money

    An idea so divine fuelled by unstoppable gravity

    In a state of nothingness possibility is infinite

    A blank slate to create from boundless human ambition

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