An NFT exhibition in Lugano from 15 to 21 November

Lugano NFT

The Lugano NFT Week will take place in the city from 15 to 21 November 2021: a week of exhibitions, events and workshops on the fascinating world of Crypto Art and Non Fungible Tokens. 

Lugano NFT Week: exhibition, events and workshops

Lugano Living Labs has organized the “Lugano NFT Week” to make the Swiss city even more crypto-friendly and a centre of digital art and innovation, in its combination of virtual and reality.

The exhibition will be inaugurated today from 5 PM (CET) at Villa Ciani and will be accessible free of charge until November 21 with the following opening hours: Mon-Fri 11:00 AM to 6:30 PM and weekend 9:00 AM to 6:30 PM. On the official website, you can find the entire programme of the exhibition, and you can also book the events where reservation is required. 

The NFT world will take centre stage with dedicated Talk events involving NFT Art, NFT gaming, NFTs and the metaverse and also play-to-earn NFTs

Not only that, with Luca Ambrosini, Blockchain expert and researcher at the Institute of Information Systems and Networking of SUPSI, it will be possible to participate in the workshop “Create your own NFT”

In the world of Crypto Art, there will be the exhibition “The Future is Unwritten”, curated by Ivan Quaroni and Linda Tommasi, which will feature works selected from the hundreds that make up the Poseidon NFT Fund collection, one of the largest and most conspicuous in Europe. The works are by artists who play a key role in this phenomenon such as Beeple, XCOPY, Hackatao and Dangiuz, Skygolpe, Raphael Lacoste, Giovanni Motta and many others. The NFTs of the youngest newcomers in the sector will also be on display. 

The NFT exhibition for an epoch-making paradigm shift

Lugano NFT Week aims to represent the epoch-making paradigm shift we are experiencing, which opens up new scenarios of which the Swiss city wants to be the innovative centre. 

In fact, thanks to Lugano Living Labs, Lugano is increasingly becoming a crypto-friendly blockchain city.  

Referring mainly to Crypto Art, we are in the art market that unleashes new creative potentials, providing a dimension to languages, expressions and artistic grammars so far marginalized by the traditional art system. 

The Lugano blockchain

Not only that, after the launch in late 2020 of the MyLugano app and the city’s LVG Points payment token, 3Achain, the institutional blockchain promoted by the city, was also recently created

3Achain is a private, institutional, non-profit blockchain created for the benefit of companies, academia, research and interested public bodies. 

Lugano’s “authoritative, trustworthy (“affidabile in Italian) and accessible” 3A blockchain is also sustainable in terms of energy, with zero fees charged to citizens and merchants. 

3Achain has thus created an institutional network guaranteeing transactions that allows an “authority algorithm”, rather than a validation one. 

The Lugano blockchain project was the result of a collaboration between some twenty entities, including Casinò Lugano, Ente Ospedaliero Cantonale, Logol, Luxochain, Noku, Swisscom, Ticino Blockchain Technologies Association, BancaStato and many others. 

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