And it cuts like a knife…

And it cuts like a knife…

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  1. Technically the truth, but grossly misleading. One year ago precisely was just after the markets all crashed, everything had locked down tight and (if you remember) the price of crude went negative, on this precise date a year ago. You can always pick the right ends of a sliding window and numbers to fit your narrative. I’m all for pointing out the issues in people’s numbers, but this should cut both ways.

  2. Was speaking to a fabricator earlier toady and steel plate, box section, girder, etc, etc is double the price it was not too long ago.

    Inflation is here folks. Within a month or two the consumer will feel the effects of the cost of steel doubling.

  3. Its abundantly obvious gold is being manipulated by governments to hide inflation. These are the perfect fiat monetary conditions for gold to be running hard



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