And now I’m broke as hell

And now I’m broke as hell

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  1. I keep wondering if i should sell, and if things are going to keep going downwards, but with potential stimulus money on the way, things are likely to keep moving up. I am gonna be one of those fold that will hodl for 4 years to get back to the previous ath….

  2. I threw a thousand into the crypto market two weeks ago. Here I sit at $819. I guess I picked a really bad time to hang out with all you cool people? Now I feel the urge to throw a few hundred more into the dip to average down. Do you guys think this is the start of some gambling sickness ,or sound investment strategy?

  3. I’m throwing in the towel. I’m taking my coins and throwing them into my wallet and deleting my exchange apps so I stop trying to fuck with them. Hopefully in 3 years we’ll be back to the top.

  4. Hey bro. Sorry to hear that.

    Do yourself a solid and read up on candle patterns. What I see on the first image with the happy dude is a mix of what is named a “Bearish kicker” and a “bearish harami” if my memory serves me well.

    Of course one cannot predict candles down to tee. However, understanding candle patterns can long term really help you get in, or stay away from a trade. Especially when you read the 1 day or 1 week candle charts to get a larger perspective.

    And don’t worry. It will bounce back 😉


    Edit: On the second image I also see what is called “3 black crows” (the 3 red sticks before the green one) followed by a “hanging man” green stick.

    I’m not even making these fucking names up lol

    Afterthought: Another great reason to understand candlestick patterns is, that it gives you more confidence in the long term, which will help you avoid panic selling/buying.



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