Andreas Antonopoulos explaining Bitcoin in 2013 (May 18th) at The Bitcoin Conference in San Jose, to an empty room. Can you imagine giving this talk to an empty auditorium with a straight face like this? So humiliating but he believed so strongly. He did this for years and deserve our gratitude.

Andreas Antonopoulos explaining Bitcoin in 2013 (May 18th) at The Bitcoin Conference in San Jose, to an empty room. Can you imagine giving this talk to an empty auditorium with a straight face like this? So humiliating but he believed so strongly. He did this for years and deserve our gratitude.<a title="" class="aalmanual" target="_blank" href="">Bitcoin</a>/comments/lp2q5u/andreas_antonopoulos_explaining_bitcoin_in_2013/

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  1. Just to clarify: This was the Bitcoin Foundation’s San Jose Bitcoin Conference in May 2013.

    I begged to speak and was an unknown. They finally agreed to give me a slot at the same time that Gavin Andreesen was delivering the “State of the Bitcoin Union” talk in the main hall. Most people were in that talk, and after it ended a few more trickled in to my room. Also, the few that were there sat in the back near the door, not quite committing to my talk and ready to leave. By the end there were 20-30 people in the last 3 rows.

    I did not find it at all humiliating. I enjoyed giving the talk and then went to watch other talks and mingle with the rest of the people at the conference. There are probably only about 500 people total if I remember. It was a fantastic experience and I met many of my “heroes” of the early bitcoin age that day.

    Thank you all for your kind comments.

  2. This video makes me have such a higher level of respect for him. For anyone new to bitcoin I always point them directly to Andreas. I don’t know of anyone else in the industry who has mastered the art of explaining bitcoin to others as great as Andreas has.

  3. “nobody pays attention to a prophet in his hometown”

    andreas is too good for this world, what a legend. from when no one was paying attention to sold out venues – his charisma and passion has never changed.

    i owe so much of my understanding and passion for bitcoin to him. thank you andreas, cheers to another 12 years.

  4. Andreas was the first person that really got me into bitcoin after I had purchased some and wanted to learn more of the technicals.

    His dedication and belief in the space is insane, this dude rocks!

  5. If Satoshi Nakamoto was God:

    Andreas Antonopoulos is Bitcoin Jesus ( clearly the best representative of Bitcoin, )

    Hal Findley is Bitcoin John the Baptist ( we’re very sure he baptized everyone and the cypherpunk space)

    Charlie Shrem would be the claims Peter having taken up establishing Bitcoin Church.

    Max Keiser is Bitcoin Mary Magdalen ( the unfortunate feminist but believer nonetheless)

    Dan Heald is Bitcoins Saint Thomas Aquinas ( the man who wants to make it all philosophically sound)

    Michael Saylor is our Bitcoin Paul. ( understood the gospel better than the disciples)

    Roubini , Schiff, are The Bitcoin Pharisees ( Idiots who can not hear the good news)

    Rodger ver is Bitcoin Judas ( sold out)

    Carlos Matos is Bitcoins Jerry Farwell ( nothing but a commercial scammer, knocking the most gullible people over the head)

    Treyvon James was the Bitcoin Jim Jones. (Taking the message of God and using it to destroy as many people as he could.)

    Craig Wright is Bitcoin Satan himself ( The Deceiver)

  6. Andrea’s antonopoulos deserves so much more credit than what he has been given, for his role in putting into words just how revolutionary and incredible bitcoin is to those people who had already been convinced and early adopters, aswell as those he has helped in trying to understand just what the he’ll this thing actually is, his appearances on the Joe Rogan experience are well worth the watch it you havnt seem them already, and I think a new and updated one is due very god damm soon, unless he’s in the middle of buying a small island with his newly amassed fortune 🤣🤣

  7. I remember watching a very old video of him explaining BTC in some type of classroom. After lecture he is sending everyone just a few dollars of bitcoin to their phones so they can understand how BTC in transferred. I believe back then BTC was about $10 each.

    Imagine getting .25 bitcoin now.

  8. Maximalists don’t like him because he is willing to be open minded and grow with the blockchain space – disgusting since he was a bitcoin OG before these morons knew what a public ledger is .

  9. I wasn’t giving speeches, but I told my family with money, and the people at my work and it before the first explosion. After that one, I told them to buy (it was at 12k) and not to worry if it goes down, buy the dip or ignore it entirely and just wait… You’ll either catch the next boom, or they’ll get regulated out of existence. Only use throw away money, and don’t sell until it booms, there are people who say it will be over 100k in the future.

    The only one who I knew listened and bought, got all but hurt when it dropped, I told him buy more, and sit on it, it might not happen for years. I’m assuming he didn’t listen since I haven’t heard much since or at the boom in December.

    Neither me, or my friend who mined coins had any for either boom. I set up a wallet and never bought any due to lack of money, and he sold his mined coins before the boom in 2017 to buy Christmas presents…. I told him not to, but he had really soured on it and was tight on money because of how much he spent mining.

  10. I dont think its humilliating at all. he’s being respectful to those who are there listening, and its actually easy to undestand why there wouldnt be more people listening. if theres people today who still doubt about crypto, imagine back then

  11. I used to work with/for him and he’s fucking amazing. He’s such a good person in all aspects. Always saddened that I lost touch with him but so happy he’s doing what he believes in.


    Most people don’t buy bitcoin for any of the reasons for it’s existence. People aren’t buying it for it’s political neutrality, it’s international scope, it’s store of wealth, it’s transactability.

    People are buying it because it seems to have been appreciating.

    I love the original ethos of why bitcoin was invented but I think that original concept has been polluted by the same fundamental human factors that plague anything of value- greed.

    It’s greed that is driving bitcoin, not a desire for privacy or financial freedom. It’s greed that drives the miners to operate. The entire system is a self-perpetuating one that is at the moment entirely built on it’s necessary appreciation.

    I will make no guesses where things will go in the future but most people are buying bitcoin just because it is going up. So is DOGE and Ethereum and other coins too. That’s why this room is empty… Because he’s talking about the aspect of bitcoin that most people totally don’t care about.

    For the record I think he had some interesting points…

  13. Everyone asking if he’s a millionaire. I clearly remember one day he had said he didn’t have enough money to pay bills and travel and then everyone rallied and donated to his Bitcoin address and I believe that day was the day he was made a millionaire by the community that loves his resolve. Can someone back me up on that? I think it was 12/6/2017. [Do a twitter search for 1andreas3batLhQa2FawWjeyjCqyBzypd then read the magic of that day](

  14. Here in the Philippines around 2014, I was invited to talk in Cebu city, an hour flight away from Manila, for what they said was gonna be a big (50+) audience. I flew there, got to the venue, there were 10 people, most of them just there because it was a coworking space. I did the talk, hopped on a taxi, and flew back home same day. It was on our own expense too, and our startup had just started back then.

    10/10 would do it again!

  15. All the people who wished they attended today are all about to kill themselves or be made homeless from inflation and the collapse of everything they worked for.

  16. Thank you Andreas. I blame you for your part in Btc’s rush to 500k. How does that make you feel that individuals and institutions are tripping over themselves scrambling to buy what little Btc’s are available?



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