Answerly to release different-themed NFT collections per week

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• The crypto platform will promote the NFT market from its interface.
• Answerly will create its NFTs with the Stellar Blockchain that promises greater liquidity.

The Answerly website, which conducts surveys in exchange for crypto rewards, recently launched its first NFT collection. The platform had taken a long time to react to non-fungible token displays, which are very popular at the moment.

Answerly’s goal is to display more than 50 NFT pieces supported by the XLM Blockchain every week. Days ago, the company finished its first NFT event, showing some 49 superhero art images.

Answerly creates NFT collection on Stellar


Following the platform’s announcement of the new NFT collection, the CEO indicated that commission rates would drop with this new NFT adoption with Stellar. With more profitable payment commissions, the purchase of these virtual pieces will increase, which will bring exponential growth towards the NFT market.

The Answerly manager announces that the NFT collection will be divided into 50 weekly pieces that will cover different categories. The themes could be sports, art, abstract, heroes, and vehicles, among other options that the public may like.

The platform wants to use the profits correctly to give liquidity to the ANSR cryptos. With this in mind, Answerly’s native token will have a stable price.

The non-fungible token market has continued to grow in sync with cryptocurrencies so far this year. The crypto platform is one of the most active in this virtual trade and wants to increase its operations positively. The company has included its ANSR token, but now it wants to grant it liquidity via an increased adoption of the NFT market.

ANSR cryptocurrency is available on various crypto platforms such as Hotbit, P2PB2B, Probit, and BKEX for enthusiasts to buy. This token is worth $0.2861 with a trading volume of $60,884. With its new operations underway, the firm expects the token to increase in price.

Crypto company will work to support NFT auctions

Answerly will not only release its NFT collection every week, but also intends to support the market using its website. In this way, ANSR would prioritize the new financial market while bringing profit to the company.

The company will be linked to Litemint, with which it has worked in the past and has gathered around 50000 enthusiasts. The protocol with which these tokens will be backed is with the Stellar Blockchain and not with Ether or Bitcoin as other NFTs do.

But the company will also create a profile on the YouTube social network to inform its fans what their news will be. The platform hopes to upload a video each day in which it will advertise the native token and the NFTs they will launch. There are no details yet on the initial value of the tokens or when the weekly auctions will begin.

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