Anthony Pompliano DESTROYS “Stock Analyst” On Bitcoin

Anthony Pompliano DESTROYS “Stock Analyst” On Bitcoin

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  1. This video would be a lot better without the constant, annoying and poorly mic’d commentary that adds nothing of value to the content.

    Also why does Pomp look like an AI deepfake in this video lol

  2. What an irritating video. I’d rather just watch the original video than this mess where the interview is sliced and diced and interspersed with some squeaky voice wexplaining it to me and telling me what to think. I lost respect for that voice’s opinion when it didn’t grasp the relationship between the US military and the dollar, and I finally quit when he start complaining about interruptions. The irony of this guy complaining about interrupting was too much.

  3. LoL, I would argue the opposite we DON’T know if Disney will exist in 100 years because they are a company but we damn know that Bitcoin will exist since it’s just a protocol so even if everyone would stop using bitcoin today so no new blocks would be created, you would be able to start mining again 100 years from now.

  4. Oh great so we’re basically Jordan Peterson fans now.

    “X person that we agree with DESTROYS X person who disagrees.”

    I would like it if we were better than this.

  5. Unfortunately the commentary lost credibility when they said “the Us military doesn’t have anything to do with the dollar”.

    Why do you think 60% of global trade is done in the dollar. I’m certain china and russia hate having to buy an currency that america routinely devalues, which benefits the USA at the cost of everyone else. The military is one of a small number of reasons the bullshit still continues

  6. He probably just sold his stack as it looks like he’s encouraging everybody else to do the same, even Pomp lmao. If he didn’t I hope he soon does, so that when price gets much higher he’ll get real salty for being so dumb to have no clue whatsoever on what bitcoin actually is.

  7. The military has a lot to do with USD – the most powerful military runs the show – he who runs the show has the most powerful economy – he who has the most powerful economy has the most powerful currency.



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