Antimatter Finance Integrates with Chainlink

Antimatter Finance Integrates with Chainlink

Antimatter Finance finally announced joining hands with Chainlink Keepers to provide Antimatter users with the opportunity to issue limit orders for the financial NFT assets on the platform, according to Chainlink forecast reports. The decentralized platform of Chainlink Keepers offers the automation of smart contract assignments based on preset conditions like market events and time periods. Antimatter has entered into an integration with Chainlink Keepers to enable the execution of limit orders whenever the prices of the NFT assets reach the user-defined threshold values. The integration seeks to enhance user experience while staying committed to the essential values of blockchain technology that include security and trust. 

The non-fungible token service of Antimatter Finance deals with Index (ETF) NFT. This NFT allows users to trade indexes in NFT form with an assortment of underlying assets. The Index NFTs of Antimatter Finance allow users to create indexes without permission from the DeFi platform. The integration will enable the users to issue limit orders on the options contracts without any expiration of time. 

The Oracle-based infrastructure of Chainlink Keepers is highly reputed in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. The Oracle solutions of Chainlink have a history of raising revenue worth billions in decentralized finance. The integration between Antimatter Finance and Chainlink Keepers will allow users to have faith in the timely execution of their limit orders based on the current market trends, even if the market condition is extremely erratic or there is network congestion. The users of Antimatter Finance will be able to place their orders securely for execution even when are offline.  Chainlink Keepers will provide Antimatter with a network of decentralized nodes that are financially powered to perform every registered task without competing against one another.

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