Any Mastercard customer can offer services with Bitcoin

Any Mastercard customer can offer services with Bitcoin

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  1. tldr; Banks and merchants registered in MasterCard’s payment network will be able to integrate crypto assets into their products. The payment network is partnering with Bakkt, the company dedicated to the cryptocurrency ecosystem and will now be the provider of purchase, sale and custody services for those who register. MasterCard said it hopes to expand its capabilities in digital assets.

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  2. When Bob sends Bitcoins to Alice, there is no bank, no credit card corporation, no clearing house, no web site, no corporation, no trusted third party to broker the transaction. The Bitcoins go directly from Bob’s ownership to Alice’s.

    Why drag Mastercard into it?

  3. Makes sense. The biggest players to meaningfully enter the stage for blockchain community tokens are the credit card companies who have been perfecting points-based membership systems for decades.

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