Any of these bitcoin docs worth watching?

Any of these bitcoin docs worth watching?

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  1. Only one on the list I have seen is “Banking on Bitcoin” and there are alot of “experts” interviewed who have very limited grasp on what bitcoin means and how it works. However they do interview many of the early developers and their insite is very interesting to hear, especially now that we can look back and see their predictions coming to fruition. A documentary I would highly recommend is “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin”. It follows around some of the early adopters and companies that came about during the 2013 bull run and gives much better insight into the begging of bitcoin than anything else I’ve seen. It’s quite amazing to see how far bitcoin has come in under a decade.

  2. My personal favorites :

    * the bitcoin documentary :

    * beyond the bubble :

    * 80 trillion dollar exit plan :

    * trust machine :

    * how does bitcoin work :

    * How Money Became Worthless :

    * The dead American dream :

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