Any suggestions on how to speed up stuck bitcoin transactions?

I made a bitcoin transaction 2 days ago but sent it at quite a low fee [$0.963], it has been stuck in the mempool since and hasn’t cleared. I realized quite late that the fee was too low and I should have sent it with a higher fee.

I really want to clear my transaction and I tried to find a solution online and managed to find one reliable resource that has [some information on how to clear transactions]( but it requires me to use a special wallet.

From what I could understand there are only 3 ways to clear a stuck transaction, RBF, CPFP, accelerators.

The first 2 methods need a special wallet like Electrum so the only option I have is an accelerator.

I had a look at these accelerators and it’s quite expensive to use. What other way is there to clear my transaction? Do I have no option but to wait?

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  1. CPFP doesn’t require a “special wallet” just one that lets you spend the unconfirmed change which most do although it may require turning it on as an option.

    However there are no other options.

    **Personally any wallet that doesn’t support RBF in 2021 is dogshit.** Sorry it just is. That is like car which can only make left turns. In theory you could make it work but it doesn’t make it any less dogshit.

  2. you can import your mnemonic into electrum. be careful though.

    i would wait. who are you sending it to? someone who would refund an over-payment if you asked them to? you could just send another payment and ask them later for a refund.

    i suggest everyone familiarize themselves with the mempool using tools like the following so you can better assess the state of the network before you send:,2d



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