Anybody skilled in Options

4-23 and 4-30 options are eye popping. If you think $10 billion liquidated this weekend is MASSIVE. With that being said I’m having trouble figuring out at which direction this could since I do not know which option strategies are in place. **The most concerning is the 1,052 calls at 100,000**. Thanks.

[$54,950.77 Options – Deribit Bitcoin Futures and Options Exchange](

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  1. Well like you mentioned, it is difficult to determine what specific option strategy someone is using, a spread, a hedge, purely a YOLO FD gamble, etc. but it does look rather peculiar to have that many OTM call options hanging out there. There’s also quite a few hanging out there at 80k as well.

  2. This are so far OTM that they’re very cheap. When Q earnings start getting reported, there are those that hope F500 companies will disclose Bitcoin purchases etc that will add to the value. It’s easy to double your money on these cheap calls. A 10% increase in BTC price could double your money on these calls easily.



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