AnySwap Partners With OKExchain

AnySwap Partners With OKExchain

AnySwap has entered into a partnership with OKExChain to make joint efforts in developing crypto trading services powered by Blockchain technology. The open-source, public blockchain ecosystem of OKExChain aims at decentralization and high performance by enabling users to launch various decentralized applications, issue crypto assets, develop customized digital asset trading pairs, and conduct trading in crypto pairs. The OKEx review reveals that the OKExChain users can engage in token conversion and interact with one another for creating a value-added space with the help of decentralized apps.

The fully decentralized platform of AnySwap runs on Fusion DCRM technology that drives its automated liquidity and pricing system. The partnership with OKExChain shall empower AnySwap to promote swapping between cryptocurrency tokens at any Blockchain network that uses EDDSA Or ECDSA as signature algorithms. Apart from accepting deposits, the protocol of AnySwap also allows the decentralized minting of wrapped tokens. The cross-chain compatibility of the protocol allows easy and instant swapping between cryptocurrency tokens. The platform comprises a programmed pricing system that determines the liquidity of each cryptocurrency token pair.

Through the partnership between OKExChain and AnySwap, the bridge between Binance Smart Chain and OKExChain will be deployed on AnySwap. The two tokens deployed on the bridge as a result of the partnership include BNB and BUSD tokens. The fully decentralized protocol for cross-chain swapping at AnySwap has the power to operate at any Blockchain-based network that employs EDDSA or ECDSA as signature algorithms. The platform of AnySwap is known for the development of 18 Blockchains and 454 bridges. OKExChain is currently looking forward to the deployment of Polygon and Ethereum Blockchains on its platform. The platform is specially engineered for the support and operation of a variety of dApps. The decentralized governance of OKExChain allows any user to campaign for or become a network validator. The platform is compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine that makes OKExChain the right choice for partnership with AnySwap.

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