AOC Says She Doesn’t Own Bitcoin to Do Her Job ‘Ethically’

AOC Says She Doesn’t Own Bitcoin to Do Her Job ‘Ethically’

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  1. Are people braindead in this comment section? She isn’t saying Bitcoin is unethical, she said she doesn’t own Bitcoin to do her job ethically. And people here are saying, “iSn’T sHe uSinG cAsH/pApEr mOneY?” What the fuck is she supposed to use? Did I miss the news of Bitcoin being accepted as a currency in every store in the US?

  2. tldr; Democratic socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez clarified on Instagram that she doesn’t hold any digital assets or tokens, including Bitcoin, and said she doesn’t believe policymakers should be able to hold financial products like stocks. She added that she wants to do her job “as ethically and impartially as I can.”

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  3. This is what I don’t understand about the left in america/usa on average – they don’t seem to understand Bitcoin is not a stock or a policy. Generally I am inclined toward some left policies (where they are harm-mitigation strategies). And yet I see this kind of confusion everywhere.

    It has, roughly, a mathematical analogue to policy, sure – but that’s a stretch to say that the halving and difficulty adjustment *are policy.* No. This is different.

    I think calling it property is a mistake as well. It’s closer to an “economic superposition” or probability density. This is why people see its US$ value oscillating wildly in an overall uptrend and they think it’s “unstable.”

    She should hold some for the same reason anyone should, as it has nothing to do with the ethicality of a politician’s policy advocacy. She and a parasite like Ted Cruz can both hodl Bitcoin, and no one can take it from them.

    And most importantly: no one can threaten to withhold it from them if they don’t vote this or that way.

    If enough of them hold it, and stop being dependent on US$ you’ll see their “true colors” in the way they vote, maybe?

  4. She could be rich just selling her wardrobe that’s 10’s of thousands per outfit to wear to all the galas and elitist events. Not to mention lobbyist money. Any doubt she ends up like the other politicians worth 10s of millions from their salary supposedly?!

  5. What does she actually do besides virtue signal on Twitter?

    “Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was among the least effective members of the last Congress according to a new survey from the nonpartisan Center for Effective Lawmaking — a joint project of Vanderbilt University and the University of Virginia.” – nypost

  6. To say she has a “job” would imply that she actually works. She would do herself a favor and listen to some Mike Saylor. She is old enough to understand that nothing is free and that no nation has ever taxed itself to prosperity.

  7. That’s a lot like how the politicians who try to infringe on the second amendment rarely ever own any firearms and are therefore totally ignorant about firearms and biased against them.

    People saying this is a good thing are being short sighted. What we need is to normalize politicians who hold bitcoin. Using sound money is not a conflict of interest.

  8. I can imagine AOC letting all great opportunities of her lifetime pass just because of her ideology and then become like the woman version of Bernie Sanders, in 35 years, yelling at the new richest men of the world because they go to space and don’t pay enough taxes. I imagine that very well and it makes me smile

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