App to calculate fiat to satoshi conversion

With Bitcoin growing closer everyday to global adoption, it seems inevitable that Satoshis will eventually be the standard used for micropayments.

1 Bitcoin = 100,000,000 satoshi, but if I want to send $24 of Bitcoin via #LightningNetwork, how many sats is that at current BTC price?

SatSwap is an app I have been working on that allows users to quickly and conveniently determine the conversion rate from multiple currencies to Satoshi.

It is now available on the App Store and soon on Google Play.

Would love the communities help in downloading for free and familiarizing themselves with the use of USD to Satoshi conversion

Much love #satsthestandard #Satswap #Bitcoin

@Sat_Swap on Twitter – and Apple Store link:

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  1. First impression; pretty good for what it’s supposed to do, I can see this saving people some time.


    * The font choice doesn’t look nice to me. It looks *sharp*, I think something smoother and a little more rounded would look better.

    * Date format should be a setting.

    * Bitcoin price should be a setting where users can choose the exchange.

    Do you have any plans on expanding on this?

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