April 14 promises to make history

From what I’ve been seeing, there’s news about crypto almost everyday and many have been quite bullish lately. But, sometimes, *true* developments occur. And Wednesday happens to be the date when we’ll see two big things: The [Berlin upgrade]( to Ethereum **and** [Coinbase’s IPO](

I’m excited to see the effects of these two simultaneous events, specifically but also on the general crypto landscape and elsewhere. ETH price action, the variation in gas fees (although I don’t know if any difference will be immediately seen), transaction speed, Coinbase stock performance on Nasdaq (ticker COIN), the effects on BTC prices and on other coins, how the media will cover it…

No idea about what will happen. But I think the IPO will help increase awareness about crypto more widely on, you know, the real world. Some synergistic effect could start to emerge, albeit slowly. What are your ideas? More info?

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  1. One thing that us crypto enthusiasts can agree on is that these are exciting times! Especially for those that have been in the game for years.![gif](emote|emo_pack_1|to_the_moon)

  2. I think the coinbase IPO is gonna shoot up like crazy, grabbing all types of headlines in all major news channels. This will bring new people in, and we will see another good pump in the coming days and weeks as these new folks start signing up and buying shitcoins because they are “cheap”.

  3. I hope that the Coinbase DPO does bring in a whole bunch of new people to crypto! I’ve heard a lot of people talking about buying coinbase as a replacement for buying crypto though. Buying crypto by proxy.

  4. Hope for the best but don’t make decisions based on what you predict will happen. Understand that often times these factors are **already** priced into the value of both Bitcoin and Ethereum for their respective assets – often times what you end up seeing is people buying the rumour and **selling the news** so don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t move as much as you’re hoping – keep your expectations in check.

  5. Here’s my thinking:

    It’ll direct heaps of attention to the Crypto space and most people willing to invest will do one of two things.

    Either they’ll buy bags of shitcoins, I’m expecting Doge primarily as it’s a high profile shitcoin or they’ll buy bags of the top 10. In the top 10, I expect them to go hard on BNB because it’ll get shilled hard to all the new users on Binance.

  6. I’m gonna give a hot take and say that the Berlin upgrade might cause a spike in the BSC ecosystem. Berlin isn’t really gonna lower gas fees that much, just standardize them. They will still be too high for the average person. But your normal trader doesn’t know or care about facts, they will see that gas fess haven’t changed and be royally pissed.

    And who does that help? Binance!

  7. That’s interesting as fuck considering the financial markets are exploding any day now from the over leveraged hedge funds and market maker frauds like Citadel Securities. The SEC is rushing regulations through to contain the spread but it will be bad. Nice time for crypto to get some airplay.

  8. Is there any information on predictions for the reduced gas fees? The news and price movement will be great, but I’m really interested in the moving of ERC-20 tokens as well.

  9. In any other market we would say that we know these events are happening and so this information has been priced in yet.
    But in crypto, who knows…..

    To the Moon I guess….

  10. Can someone explain the variation in gas fees? Is that going live tomorrow? Or just some foundational work for releasing it later this year? When that gets released and fees are decreased across the whole eth network, that’s when the whole landscape is going to be shaken up



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