Are mnemonics (seed words) becoming imminently obsolete?

Today I finally gave Muun wallet a try, and I must say, I have seen the future, and now I am wondering if Mnemonics are slowly becoming obsolete. Let me be more concrete:

It seems like the bleeding edge of backup technology is moving away from Mnemonics, and towards output script descriptors, as described in BIP380 to BIP386. Why?

>…mnemonics rely on all wallets using a single key with the same, single script: pay-to-public-key. If we want to keep (and improve!) recovery interoperability in a world of payment channels and multisig vaults, we need to work on new backup and recovery mechanisms.
Enter output script descriptors (BIP380 to BIP386). Designed by Pieter Wuille and Andrew Chow, descriptors provide a human-readable way to express any combination of keys, scripts, derivation paths, and address types without ambiguity. These descriptors allow a program to discover and spend funds from any given script in a fully interoperable manner.


**tldr: the innovations that Taproot unlocks, make mnemonics obsolete. And work is underway to create/invent new backup mechanisms.**


PS: Muun wallet’s UX is so smooth and simple. I am going to be on-boarding my pre-coiner parents over the holidays, and let me tell you, Muun is a godsend.

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  1. Even though it’s great, I wouldn’t have too much funds on a lightning wallet like Muun. It’s a hot wallet after all.

    I think seed words are not going anywhere, and most people will keep using them for large sums of money.

    You can have more than one wallet.

  2. Agreed. The multisig works better. Can store one part offline and the other online. Attacker needs both. This increases safety of backups enormously.

    Muun is *also* a Lightning Network wallet. Not *only* one. So, this method works for on-chain, base layer funds too.

  3. Descriptors have nothing to do with mnemonics. Most multisig wallets use descriptors with mnemonics.

    A descriptor is the path to your wallet.
    A mnemonic is a readable format to your signing key.

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