“Ares Le Mandat” and astrology will become standard protocol for a self-sustaining Bitcoin ETF

Its only a matter of time before investment funds began to make use of the predictive algorithms in “Ares Le Mandat” Chapter 21 contains sample data on how to apply forex trades on a daily basis. Chapter 25 and 48 contains data regarding how to time the ups and downs of major indices. Chapter 50 explains the Bitcoin research algorithm based on the Sun and mercury with data going back to 2012. Chapter 52 formulates a hypothesis that the federal reserve can set interest rates based on the position of the planet Mars and has data on how the Dow performed under the influence of the Planet Mars.

The book is available on Amazon(use the free “look inside” feature to search the financial/bitcoin aspects of the book) []( or can be read for free at SSRN’s E-Library [](

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