Argentina Accelerates Money Printing Ahead of November Elections

Argentina Accelerates Money Printing Ahead of November Elections

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  1. I’m from Argentina. This is really sad but true. The metal from our coins is worth more than the coin itself. And money printer is brrrrr 24/7.

    I’m afraid about what inflation will be in the upcoming months. Salary is always behind inflation. Way behind. Always.

    Y’know, It is also illegal here to buy USD as savings (you deppend entierly on the “black market”). And, as you see, it is not possible to use the local currency as savings.

    It is a horrible feeling knowing that dreams like buying a house for your family is so unrealistic as finding diamonds in your backyard. Even as a specialized physician with years of experience, it is hard for me to save money. Many people are suffering much more.

    I’m putting my little savings as I can into BTC (it is not illegal to buy or mine it) and hope for a better future. Time will tell, but I’m grateful to have known the BTC alternative. Sometimes I regret not getting into this sooner, but I like to think it’s never too late.

    Greetings from Buenos Aires.

  2. Look at the chart title inside the bloomberg screen “Argentina increases monetary emmission” Argentina is farting fiat currency now.

    Fiat currency is basically vaporware, gas, foul smelling flatulence!

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