Armed men force their way into Canyon Meadows home, steal cryptocurrency keys.

Armed men force their way into Canyon Meadows home, steal cryptocurrency keys.

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  1. Wonder if the owner posted how much money they had in crypto online somewhere. I see it all the time especially with the new crypto people. Might have been such a large amount that they figured out the person’s IP address and did a road trip.

    Obviously I’m just speculating. This is reddit so I only briefly read title and formed an opinion.

  2. Be your own bank is serious business. If the bad guys know where you live, being your own bank means you need to be ready to deal with unruly customers like these guys…

  3. tldr; Calgary police have asked the public to help identify a suspect linked to a violent home invasion earlier this week in the southwest community of Canyon Meadows. Around midnight on April 13, two men armed with handguns forced their way into an apartment in the 11600 block of Elbow Drive S.W., police said. The men tied up the resident and stole computers, jewelry and bank cards from the suite.

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