Artificial fee inflation

so I have been watching []( for a little now and I saw something kinda crazy. apparemtly just now there were 4 Blocks in the span of 5 minutes (the block before that group was 12 min prior) and there has been a not too high spike in transactions not only after the first block came in but about after the 3rd or 4th there was a spike of around 4700 vB/sec. is that something normal for some reason or is somebody trying to fill the mempool with transactions so the fees will go up?

considering the greed that runs in most crypto assets I certainly wouldnt rule it out.

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  1. How many transactions are being sent has nothing to do with how fast blocks confirm. And block interval has nothing to do with how many transactions are being sent. At any time someone might decide to send 1 transaction or 10. An exchange might decide to shuffle their wallets and send 100. It’s very dynamic.

    Filling the mempool doesn’t raise fees. Filling it with higher fee transactions does. And that tends to be expensive. You’d just be making it rain for the miners.



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