As a young adult investing in BTC for my future

Hello everyone, I’m typing this as this rush of ups and down are going through BTC ETH and my guts of investing. Going through good or bad decisions about investing and I decided to remind myself why I chose to invest in BTC/ETH “because I believe in its technology and importance and decided to be part of it”.

I hope everyone is okay and remember to drink water or a good cup of coffee, try and relax and be happy <3

I love Coldplay and this gave me some good feelings and helped me relax


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  1. Do yourself a favor, forget about ETH (and any other ‘shitcoin’).



    Learn what Bitcoin actually ***is***, and the basics of how it works:

    *The Trust Machine (22 min):*



    Buy from a good exchange, then send the Bitcoins to your own wallet. Avoid paypal, robbinghood, revolut, “bitcoin dot com”, and “blockchain dot com”.

    Bitcoin is an **excellent long term, buy and hold asset** for patient investors with strong hands.

    Consider using dollar cost averaging.

    Eventually we will reach the point where no sane person will exchange a Bitcoin (or a gold coin) for ***any*** amount of fiat currency.

    Remember: Not your keys, not your Bitcoins.



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