A’s Become First in MLB to Sell Tickets for Bitcoin


>The Oakland A’s on Wednesday became the first team in Major League Baseball to sell tickets for cryptocurrency when **they sold a full-season suite for one bitcoin**, according to a team news release.

Seems MLB is giving us another way to spend our crypto, if this isn’t a bullish sign for mass adoption, I don’t know what is.


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  1. When this happens does that mean the buyer has to report the transaction on their taxes? If so, the idea of this stuff as “currency” is not functioning. Hello downvotes

  2. Voyager Digital bought the box – they are commission free crypto brokerage available in the US that offer interest on a lot of coins on their platform (up to 6.25% on BTC). Brilliant move on the A’s part as well as Voyager. More mainstream adoption is around the corner.

  3. I understand the whole NFT gas fees suck and the main reason people like me can’t afford to do NFTs without losing significant amount of money, but early on any invention will have issues and news like these are great to hear towards adoption and progress in crypto.

  4. First saw this story a couple weeks ago when they first went on sale. Cool to see an update and that Voyager Digital bought one. Another interesting aspect of this story not in the article is that a believe they gave you a decent discount for paying in crypto. I think BTC was around 58ish when I first read about it, and if you were buying in dollars, the suite would cost 64k.



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