As NgU => FgU. OPENDIME starts to look real cheap.

As NgU => FgU. OPENDIME starts to look real cheap.

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  1. I dont understand all the hate about promoting the OpenDime.

    If you are the creator. Thanks for using your time and knowledge to create something cool for Bitcoin.

    Every hater in this post is salty because they see their own failures and inability to create something unique and useful.

    Over 700k new people have joined this sub this year and I’m sure a new person learns about OpenDime every post.

    I think the OpenDime is one of the coolest physical representations of Bitcoin there is. I’ve giving dozens away and it really captures the wonder and curiosity of new people learning about Bitcoin. I also know they have a much greater chance of not losing the Bitcoin. The number of Bitcoin Ive given to people on software wallets that is lost is heart breaking.

    You do you. Thanks for your contributions to the space!

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  2. The amount of self promotion you do here is ridiculous. Love your products, starting to seriously resent you using the sub as your marketing platform. I assure you pro-bitcoin community members recommend your products by word of mouth enough, these constant low quality posts aren’t necessary.

  3. 95% of people don’t trust or use Bitcoin.

    98% of Bitcoin-exposed people don’t know what the fuck an OpenDime is and probably wouldn’t trust one.

    If you want to buy and hand around something that only 0.1% of the population knows about and might accept, go for it.



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