As Phenomenal as Bitcoin’s Success Has Been the Hardest Part Is Yet To Come

As Phenomenal as Bitcoin’s Success Has Been the Hardest Part Is Yet To Come

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  1. This is legitimately an excellent point:

    >The great monetary inflation that we are experiencing as a result of the measures taken by central banks to combat the economic crisis triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic has made many people open their eyes. [**Bitcoin is the best weapon to hedge against this monetary inflation**](

  2. >As Bitcoin grows in importance, more and more powerful players in the current system will try to come in and steal this revolution back from us.

    Don’t be blinded, and continue to fight to keep the Bitcoin revolution in the hands of the people forever. It is up to each of us to build a better world for everyone thanks to Bitcoin.

  3. tldr; Bitcoin’s market cap will surpass that of gold in the next decade. Bitcoin will eat everything in its path to become the store of value of the future. It will spread as a medium of exchange in everyday life via the development of the Lightning Network. It is a savings technology that allows you to take back control of the fruits of your labor.

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