Asva Labs Wins Investment From Polygon for Innovative Metaverse Solutions


Asva Labs joins hands with Polygon as it wins hefty strategical investment from the renowned blockchain. The collaboration will see Asva Labs building the first blockchain-backed Metaberse accelerator and launchpad.

MetaLaunch by Asva Labs will be a multi-chain launchpad for Metaverse and Gaming projects. Initially developed on Polygon, MetaLaunch acts as a launchpad dedicated to serving the state-of-the-art Metaverse projects.

It renders a platform for ventures to conduct innovative research and raise capital. The platform helps projects access IGO (Initial Game Offering) and IMO (Initial Metaverse Offering.) MetaLaunch paves the path for highly-potential Metaverse projects to facilitate a secure and innovative infrastructure.

Asva Labs plans on using the recently gained investment to expand its product portfolio. Moreover, the venture will extend its reach by helping Metaverse-based projects with an innovative mechanism to gain crucial funds.

The reason behind MetaLaunch choosing Polygon is simple. Originally called Matic, Polygon is an interoperable complete stack scaling solution provider capable of developing Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks.

The protocol achieves high scalability, lower fees, and prompt transactions via its full-stack scaling solutions. 

On the other hand, Interoperable Web 3.0, Asva Labs aim at revolutionizing the cryptocurrency funding landscape. Furthermore, MetaLaunch, one of Asva Labs’ esteemed products, is ready to establish new benchmarks for the GameFi and Metaverse ecosystem.

It comprises a digital platform for users to transact and interact. Asva Labs understand that users demand scalable low-gas blockchain networks with capabilities like cross-p2p and interoperability. 

That is why Polygon emerged as the most natural choice for Asva Labs to launch its Metaverse launchpad. Given both entities’ stature in the market combined with the growing demand for Metaverse, MetaLaunch is expected to be a hit.

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