Aurix Token (AUR): What’s Good About It?

Aurix Token (AUR): What’s Good About It? 10

Most cryptocurrencies are created for profit, not functionality.The Aurix Token is designed to incentivise users of the Aurix Chain when they use the coin for trading, staking or paying.  There are several benefits associated with AUR coin which can prove interesting to those who are cautious about crypto tokens. 

Work on the Aurix Token (AUR) began immediately after the inception of the Aurix chain Ecosystem by its CEO Mahjed Mohsen. Currently, AUR is trading for $0.6116 on the Aurix Exchange. 

Trading pairs that compliment AUR on the Aurix exchange

You can trade different cryptocurrency pairs on the Aurix platform paired by either BTC, USDT, ETH, XRP, LTC, BCH, and RON.

The coins against which you can trade AUR tokens include USDT, BTC, LTC, and ETH. 

Aurix CEO Majed Mohen’s vision was to transform financial solutions and make the transition to digital currencies painless for everyone. The Aurix Token is at the heart of this vision and is developed using sophisticated blockchain technology.

This ensures that investors can stake the token, exchange it for other coins and even trade. Besides the AUR token serves as a tool for incentivizing users of the ecosystem by providing them with discounted trading fees. 

Benefits of the Aurix Token (AUR)

The holders and users of Aurix Token enjoy immense rewards from the Aurix Chain. For example, the team behind the project have implemented a structure that rewards users for staking, trading, and paying with the Aurix token.

When one stake’s the Aurix token, the platform automatically upgrades their membership level. There are 7 membership levels and each level determines the percentage cashback and discount one gets for using the platform.

The higher the level of membership, the generous the rewards and discount on transaction fees. In addition to rising leverage. 

Uses of the Aurix Token: 

  • Reduced transaction fees and discounts
  • The token can be used to trade other digital currencies on the Aurix Exchange. 
  • AUR can be used for payment via a debit/credit card. 
  • Making eCommerce payments through merchant APIs designed by the Aurix team. 
  • Staking by investors looking to make money on the platform
  • Incentivizing users on the exchange. 

Aurix incentives users depending on the amount of AUR tokens they’ve staked. Below are the 7 membership levels: 

Users can also track down and manage their AUR tokens as well as other cryptocurrencies on the platform using the Aurix application. This tracking feature comes in handy when managing credit/debit card transactions.

Finally, Aurix ensures users can store their funds on the exchange without having to depend on a third-party company. Security is on-chain and rewards are processed autonomously. In case of cashback, the blockchain system initiates their transfer, and the system is 100% accurate. 

A system where income flows to token holders and where token holders agree to and submit proposals to the ecosystem is springing into life. The Aurix token can work for any business and right now could be the core to numerous explosively growing financial enterprises.

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