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Hello, over the last 2 years I opened quite a lot of accounts and wallets for which I have the 2FA in my phone (kraken, binance, coinbase, celsius, []( and I am a bit worried about what would happen if I lose the phone. Is there a possibility to back up the phone entirely and restore it on a new android device including the same settings and all my codes already setup in the authenticator ? Or would the process be manual and I would have to contact all the different apps/websites to set up a new 2FA after proving my identity ?

Thanks a lot for the feedback !

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  1. Save your IDs or write them somewhere else.. maybe save them on your cloud. I had a similar story where I had everything just on phone and I dropped it in the shower, good thing that I had restored it before.

  2. I think there is a way to back up your authenticator app but don’t know the details. There is definitely a way to export your account to another device (like a tablet in case you loose your phone) so you may want to do that as a backup.

  3. I’m aware it isn’t always the best option for everybody but this is one of the main reasons I went for cold storage in the end.

    Before replacing my phone I deactivated all of my accounts….except Kucoin, which I had a small amount of DGB in.

    I managed to get back into my account through customer service, but it was quite a nightmare going through security protocols and took me some time. At one point they didn’t believe I was the true owner of an email address because the version they had stored had a “.” in it. I had to send them a few sources to explain that a single dot in an email address doesn’t affect the address itself.

    Anyway, I digress.

    TL;DR: Backup if possible. Remember your security answers. But if at all possible, keep any coins themselves in cold storage.



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