Avalanche (AVAX) Price & Elrond (EGLD) Price Marching Towards Targets! Will They Achieve?


Soon after the Bitcoin price recorded a pretty huge green candle and Ethereum price attained its All-time high, many assets spiked with notable margin. Most of the assets surged with more than 6% gains while Avalanche(AVAX) price rallied 12%. On the other hand, Elrond(EGLD) price achieved its highs and consolidating currently. Yet both the tokens could march towards their respective target within the current bull cycle. 

Avalanche(AVAX) Price Primed To Hit $120

The Avalanche price since the May crash went completely parabolic to trend in the discovery phase. Due to a huge influx of liquidity, AVAX price rallied like a giant to achieve levels as high as $90 and could hit $100 shortly. The price movement appears to be pretty bullish despite a couple of pullbacks, yet the price remained well above the trend line. 

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The AVAX price for the past couple of days is surging with a notable margin after smashing the crucial resistance at $80. The upward momentum may continue until the price reaches a three-digit figure. Further, a slight pullback or consolidation may make its way, post to which the price may resume bull run beyond $120. 

Elrond (EGLD) Price Looking For A Breakout

Elrond price since the major flip in August, maintain a decent uptrend in order to trade above $300. Despite multiple pullbacks, yet the asset followed the uptrend line and managed to march above the important resistance zones. However, the asset broke through the ascending triangle and marched towards the north and appears to be a little exhausted. 

Source: Tradingview

Currently, the EGLD price after surging above the critical resistance is facing a slight pullback. However, it does not signify that the bears are in action, but the bull might be a little relaxed at the moment. With the completion of the correction phase, the asset could resume heading towards its initial target above $400. However, it still carries its yearly target above $500. 

Collectively, the bulls are getting a little aggravated within the crypto space as most of the assets are flipping the bearish divergence. On the other hand, dropping Bitcoin’s dominance is also paving way for most of the altcoins to increase their pace. And hence assets like Avalanche (AVAX) price and Elrond(EGLD) price is gearing up to manifest the commencement of Altseason 2021. 

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