Avalanche & Intel SGX Integrate Cross-Chain Interoperability

Avalanche & Intel SGX Integrate Cross-Chain Interoperability

The inception of Avalanche Bridge (AB) marks significant progress in the development of cross-chain technology. It is an advancement from the erstwhile Avalanche-Ethereum Bridge (AEB), launched in February this year. The attractive features of this upgrade include an immensely better user-friendly interface, fortified security support, speedy settlements, and fees much lower than that of the previous bridges.

The Avalanche Team promises that AB will come at a cost 5 times lesser than that of AEB. Furthermore, the user experience given by this cross-chain bridge will be unprecedented. They have achieved this breakthrough by employing the Intel SGX Enclave technology, which comprises secure computation with all functions executed in an enclosed space and protected against any form of breaching.

The Avalanche Bridge will address the following user necessities for cross-blockchain bridges:

  • Security: The best cross-chain bridge is audited, and its in-built technologies should prioritize security.
  • Affordability- The scaling fees for the bridging of blockchain-based assets should be minimal.
  • Fast: The speed of the transaction should be maximum, with no lags.
  • Transparency: Clients should be able to monitor every step of the process of transfer.
  • Intelligible: The Bridge should be designed so that the newly initiated user can comprehend each step of accessing the bridge for transferring crypto assets.
  • Ecosystem-compatible: Once the bridge is navigated, the functions of the Avalanche ecosystem should be accessible to all users, and there should be as low friction as possible in acquiring the offers.
  • Multi-chain adaptable: The cross-chain bridge should facilitate more than one blockchain infrastructure to build Avalanche as the core base of DeFi.

According to Emin Gün Sirer, the founder of Ava Labs, Avalanche Bridge will facilitate cross-chain interoperability in a highly secure and efficient manner. Moreover, users will be able to merge Avalanche Bridge seamlessly with other basic applications of Avalanche like the Avalanche Wallet and Avalanche Explorer.

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