Avoid fake YouTube Bitcoin gurus!

Avoid fake YouTube Bitcoin gurus!

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  1. I watch Alex Becker like its satire. Which is what a lot of the videos feel like. I mean he is clearly a little off his head and jokes a lot. Honestly his content is pretty funny.

    Edit: that said, would not buy a single fucking thing based on youtuber fomo alone.

  2. Formula: Open chart, draw a pattern around latest figure (head and shoulders, rising wedge, downward dog, etc.), declare Bitcoin is going to moon… unless it doesn’t. Repeat everyday declaring your previous video was absolutely correct because obviously the price went up or down by some margin.

    They are making money off ads and not any type of cryptocurrency. If they could predict the market they would be retired and enjoying life instead of spending hours a day recording and editing video.

    Bitboy is the biggest scam of them all declaring insane price targets and then putting out a video explaining a months long exit strategy. If you predict 1mil this year and you are buying in now, even at 60k, an 80% bear market drop still leaves you with insane profit and you haven’t lowered your stake for when the next bull market hits.

  3. Sometimes I’ll watch a few minutes of them until the cringe gets too unbearable, but I find it funny how some of them low key diss the other channels, that are doing the exact same thing as them: “Hey guys, a lot of other channels like to over analyze but we’re just telling you how it is and giving you the facts”

  4. I almost totally agree except for the fact that George from CryptosRUs ain’t a fake guru. He is genuine. He was the first to expose what mining pools can do to manipulate the Bitcoin price when it hit a certain price. The other fake Gurus esp. BB crypto just followed up with clickbait, copying his content and not giving him due credit.

  5. The only crypto guru on youtube is crypto daily. He rarely pretends to have a magic ball up his ass and he works hard to keep hodlers optimistic. Also he use to work in banking so hes not completely out of his field.

  6. lol I remember in Bitboy’s recent interview with Mchael Saylor and he asked “but what about Bitcoin’s scarcity” and Michael is like “Dude, fractions exist”. He was shilling hard for him to give his blessing to Ethereum too.



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