Award Pool, unique NFT platform for brand engagement launch


TL;DR Breakdown

  • Award Pool launch in Ontario, Canada.
  • Platform to help brands, influencers engage communities globally.

Award Pool, an integrated platform that empowers brands, influencers and content creators to grow, and engage communities worldwide, announced the launch of its platform on Wednesday.

Founded in March 2020 and headed up by seasoned entrepreneur and CEO Reuven Cohen, Award Pool provides tools to brands and content creators for the gamification of campaigns with social and in-game challenges catered to their communities.

In a press release, the company also announced its first partnership with So.Co, a curated, image-based media platform that celebrates music, the related lifestyle, and associated cultural content.

Together, Award Pool and So.Co will promote a new opportunity for connecting musicians with fans by having them participate in challenges to earn points and NFT rewards, which will redefine the best strategies for audience growth and activation.

“Our mission is to give brands and individuals the power to build vibrant groups of followers, fans, and customers,” says Cohen.

“To accomplish this, Award Pool has developed an innovative platform that enhances experiences and gamifies community engagement, enabling users to collect unique amazements securely in one place.”

Award pool bridging disconnect between traditional, digital audience

Award Pool is primarily designed to appeal to digital natives, including Gen Z, who typically don’t differentiate between physical and digital rewards.

Because this group doesn’t engage with traditional advertising channels, brands are having a difficult time connecting in a meaningful way. This has created a need for alternative methods to help deliver stories that convert their targeted audiences into loyal customers, and reward them in the process.

The platform solves this dilemma through its innovative new platform that allows users to participate in challenges, earn points, and redeem non-fungible token (NFT) prizes through an easy-to-use tool.

The platform offers NFT Rewards, NFT Management Platform, In-game Challenges, Loyalty Program, Social and Gaming Challenges, Trivia and Scavenger Challenges and Social Media Challenges.

Award Pool is co-founded by Alex Falconer, CFO, Ahmad Al Jamal, COO, and Brenda Cohen, VP of Marketing Communications.

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