Ayn Rand, the OG Bitcoin maximalist

Ayn Rand, the OG Bitcoin maximalist

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  1. Such gold. Most Ayn Rand critics have never (and refuse to) read any of her books.

    I remember soon after I finished Atlas Shrugged I casually mentioned it to a colleague in passing. Another overheard and piped in with “*That book!* I will *never* read *that book*!” … yeah pal, your mental antibodies are doing a good job protecting you from its dangerous ideas.

  2. Rand is the reason we have the modern Fox News style of American republican conservatism. She’s an abomination. Rand is to philosophers what a quack is to doctors.

    Here’s another quote for you: “Rand is dangerous precisely because she appeals to the innocent and the ignorant using the trappings of philosophical argument as a rhetorical cloak under which she smuggles in her rather cruel prejudices.”

  3. This quote is out of context. You better read Atlas shrugged to see how Ayn Rand was pro-rampant, unregulated, jungle-like capitalism and how her “heroes” are the venture capitalists who try to blackmail the ordinary men before quoting her… Some people in the crypto community should really study more before blindly quoting random stuff.

  4. I don’t like many of this woman’s ideas but she certainly has a laser sharp perspective on this issue. which is why I support term limits for everyone in government with bans on any close family from being public service.

    I think we would be better off with a random selection similar to jury duty for public service jobs such as the senate and congress.

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