B-Word Conference 7/21/21: Exclusive Elon Musk Highlights

B-Word Conference 7/21/21: Exclusive Elon Musk Highlights<a title="" class="aalmanual" target="_blank" href="">Bitcoin</a>/comments/oowqar/bword_conference_72121_exclusive_elon_musk/

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  1. So spot on it’s scary.

    He also said that since his starlink constellation will provide everyone (who can afford it) internet, that we should just scale the base layer of the crypto to meet those specifications. Completely tone deaf to what it means for Bitcoin to maintain its decentralized nature.

    Just because some middle class family in the US can afford great hardware and internet services, does not mean that citizens of developing countries have those resources. If the internet is to have its own currency standard, [then it must stay neutral]( to the resources of those that make up the overwhelming majority of the world.

  2. Elon is trying to fit bitcoin into his agenda. First he creates the energy fud in a blatant attempt to manipulate bitcoin miners to buy teslas carbon credit and now he wants to use bitcoin to help out starlink. Bitcoin is itโ€™s own thing. It wonโ€™t change to become something to help Elonโ€™s companies

  3. That whole thing was painful to listen too. Musk looked like a bloated sea bass about to puke up his guts. Dorksy with the Tie-dye, obviously just there to get day drunk. And then the scary Grayskull bussy typing away on her cooking blog, or something probably.

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