Bank of England Governor Warns Crypto Is Providing Means of Payment for Criminals

Bank of England Governor Warns Crypto Is Providing Means of Payment for Criminals

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  1. Well duh. I mean our governments tax the hell out of us. What’s wrong with making a little under-the-table untaxable money? Prostitutes, drug dealers, and anyone who earns wages off of tips don’t pay any tax on their income.

  2. Guess he just views anyone who uses crypto as a criminal and a thief because they’re basically taking the banks revenues.

    One of the worst things you can ever do to a thief is steal from them

  3. tldr; Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey has warned that crypto assets are providing another means of payment for people who want to conduct criminal activity. He added that the rise of cryptocurrency is helping illegal activities. Bailey has previously said he is skeptical about crypto assets because they’re dangerous and there’s a “huge enthusiasm” out there.

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  4. What an outdated, ignorant comment. It’s not like we were a society full of bankrupt criminals before crypto came along. I think someone should challenge his position at the BOE. The position requires someone to be far more ‘enlightened’ to all things money. Plonker.

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