Banks Tried to Kill Crypto and Failed. Now They’re Embracing It (Slowly).

Banks Tried to Kill Crypto and Failed. Now They’re Embracing It (Slowly).

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  1. tldr; Banks feel their power waning and want to regain control over digital currencies like Bitcoin and other digital assets. The banks are experimenting with cryptocurrency offerings and lobbying regulators to create rules that work in their favor. Some are offering cryptocurrency investments to their wealthy clients, while others are weighing trading desks for Bitcoin. JPMorgan Chase even started its own digital currency in 2019.

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  2. I believe The truth to the Bitcoin ETF’s being approved in multiple countries in strategic order is primarily designed by the elite money printing western oligarchy… is it is an attempt to arbitrage Bitcoin and the whole space, by creating a derivative market that is shorting “paper” Bitcoin… While the contracting supply of Bitcoin held by actual holders because This demographic is growing exponentially by individuals and private funds acceleration in the accumulation of anything but fiat.

    They are attempting to do to crypto what they have done quite successfully to gold and silver over the past 10 years, but truthfully since 71 fairly successfully.

    This is in fear of worldwide ineptness leading to an inflationary nightmare globally in which faith in those centrally based currencies errords substantially quickly. Yet depending on your location depends on your exposure… As in Australia is much different than England, much different than Mexico much different than El Salvador much different than the US. But yet all intertwined… Weirdly

  3. > Banks feel their power waning and want to regain control.

    The first pillar of their power are all the fake laws that they so liberally invent. Do not recognize them. I reject, repudiate, reprobate, and utterly condemn all their fake laws.

    The second pillar of their power is the bluff they use in trying to enforce their fake laws.

    But then again, now that they have decisively been defeated during the 20-year long Battle of Afghanistan, they have lost all credibility. Who could possibly have any respect for that incorrigible bunch of born losers?

    Hence, if they want to impose their views onto others, then let them prove that they are willing to risk their lives and die for what they believe in!

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