Banks working on Sunday night? What’s going on?

So – I just woke up and my feed was flooded with pics of banks’ skyscrapers fully lit at 3 am during the weekend with people working all night

Apparently, the SEC chairman was also appointed over the weekend

And everyone is sayin that hell is about to break open due to an issue regarding AML and cryptos

WTF is going on?

I’m adding sources here – I’m on a mobile so it’ll take some minutes:

London stock exchange:

Frankfurt stock exchange:

Amsterdam stock exchange:

Dubai stock exchange:

Federal reserve:

Goldman Sachs:

Bank of America:




Deutsche bank:

UBS and Credit Suisse:

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  1. “If stuff get serious you have to lie.”

    Don’t expect warnings, if the system goes down your bank will be closed, your account frozen, you will notice but won’t be warned.

  2. Thanks again for all those links. Actually it sounds like conspiracy to me. Faking Google / GPS data is quite easy, even if you don’t actually live at these locations. Some pictures of lit offices are not uncommon. Also: Most people work from home right now. Why should they show up in the middle of the night? And all around the world?

  3. The amount of people on here panicking and gossiping like scared children is amusing. If the volatility of crypto is too much for you, perhaps it’s best to sell up now and put your cash into a safe little government approved 3percent a year savings account. Bitcoin or crypto isn’t going anywhere. Just put ur money in. Hodl, sit back and enjoy the ride.



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